Yesterday was the first time Eurovision has been broadcast in the U.S. It's a song contest between countries; each one has a representative (solo artist, band, or duo) who performs. Then people vote for the winner. My roommate @bookishclaire is British and French, so Eurovision was Not. To. Be. Missed.
  1. I snapped and live-tweeted it (LizAnnDawson on both) so 📷 are from 👻 with apologies to those who've seen them already
    But it was fun to share snap stories with @estherlimtf who helped explain some things to me
  2. We watched with a couple of our friends, drank champagne, and took notes and bets on what we'd see (glitter! costume change! back-up dancers!)
    Apparently, watch parties in Europe are huge: fancy/themed dress, food from different countries, bingo and other games, and heavy on the alcohol. We may have to go all-out next year
  3. I loved the intro. It was some sort of costumed catwalk set to EDM music and many of the outfits were so over the top. Picture giant bubble wrap, cotton candy looking things. It was awesome.
    (One of the American commentators said it's like American Idol meets Hunger Games, and that seemed pretty accurate.)
  4. The hosts were the past winner, Sweden's Måns Zelmerlöw (whose name I could NOT understand the first 8 times people said it, which made me feel vaguely guilty) and some woman whose name I still don't know bc Måns was so ridiculously good-looking I didn't really pay attention to her
  5. The host country is always the previous year's winner. This seemed very fair to me
  6. I still don't understand how they pick the performance order. I thought maybe it was alphabetical, but nope. Enlighten me?!
  7. I appreciated how fast the flow was...once they got started, there was no break in between songs
    Honestly the whole thing was already 3/4 hours long, commercials would've made it DRAG on
  8. I thought the variety of performance styles was interesting. They ranged from something you'd see on the voice to something you'd see at a Super Bowl halftime show on steroids.
  9. The best part of every song wasn't actually the music, it was the crazy stage lighting. Each performance was so different but the lighting was always intense and intricate and must've been incredibly challenging to pull off.
  10. Side note: all the male performers had better hair than me. ALL OF THEM 😑 European men, teach me your ways
  11. France's tribute looked like @bjnovak if BJ were a singer instead of a writer
    White tshirt ✔️ dark jeans ✔️ casual blazer ✔️ sneakers (probably Adidas) ✔️
  12. Poland's performance was...interesting
  13. This dude was like Hungarian Zayn
  14. I'd been watching out for the Netherlands performance since I'd promised @franksars I would, and it was so good. In fact, Douwe Bob was one of the only performers to sing AND play an instrument, and he knew his way around a guitar.
  15. I think this was Austria. Sounded exactly like a Kpop song, and I didn't hate it.
  16. I knew one of the songs, even before Claire did! Swedish tribute Frans performed If I Were Sorry, which I'd heard before on Spotify. Great song, but too stripped-down of a performance for Eurovision, in my very American and totally irrelevant opinion
    I was all for the ridiculous costumes and crazy sets
  17. Australia's performance was one of the best, but the whole time I kept thinking, isn't this EUROvision🤔😯
    Sadly, no photo
  18. Toward the end, the hosts performed a song that celebrated and poked fun at Eurovision, and it was really well-done. They fully embraced the kitsch, and tbh it was my favorite song of the night
    Sadly, again no photo
  19. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE SHOWED UP and only seemed mildly confused to be there, but ultimately we only got to see him for approximately 60 seconds 😠
  20. There was a modern dance performance tribute to the refugee crisis and it was haunting and beautiful.
  21. And then the votes were tallied and here's where I got really confused. Each country had 12 points to give to a winner, and I guess had some sort of delegation team who decide who won their points? But they couldn't split their points between their top picks, all 12 apparently had to go to 1 country.
    This is Wednesday Adams of Georgia, announcing who won their points
  22. But then they tallied individual online votes, too; not sure if those were worth more or less than each country's votes
  23. We left to go to a friend's party, and didn't get to see the finale of who won, but I think it was Ukraine
  24. All-in-all, it was really entertaining! Thanks @franksars 💜😊