Is there a term for the opposite of a meet cute?
  1. Mid (uncovered) yawn
    I was waiting for the elevator at the end of a long day, carrying a box, my purse, and water bottle in my hands, when a long jaw-stretching yawn came over me...just as the elevator doors opened to reveal Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome. 😑
  2. When PMS is calling the shots at the grocery store
  3. Pre-coffee
  4. When I'm HANGRY
    At the time I barely register it because I only have eyes/thoughts for food, but once I've eaten and have a better perspective on things, I feel a twinge of regret.
  5. Post surprise sneeze
  6. Mid-jog
    Running is my least favorite form of exercise, so when I do manage a quick run around the 'hood, I'm a red, wheezing, clumsy mess. Naturally that's when every single hot guy within a mile radius (about the distance I can handle tbh) crosses my path.
  7. When I was studying for comps
    I was so stressed that I barely registered Mr. Cute Cappuccino guy, and didn't even want to consider dating anyone until grad school was over. Looking back, I could've eased up a bit on this front.
  8. When it's been 3 days since I washed my hair