1. I worked a little late tonight
    I live in DC and work in VA and I drive to work
  2. The snow wasn't supposed to start in/around DC 'til tomorrow (according to the weather channel)
    But hey, it's early ❄️❄️
  3. I left work at 7:15pm; it's about a 10 mile drive
    Normally at this time it's a 30 min drive home with traffic
  4. People don't know how to drive in snow down here
    It's frustrating...3 accidents in a mile (the good thing is that none of them look extreme but I hope everyone is safe)
  5. So I've been on Rock Creek Park (the last 1/4 of my drive) for 45 minutes
  6. And we haven't moved at all in 35 minutes
    Legit guys my car is in park because I just gave up
  7. I should've peed before I left work
  8. And now my little bladder is about to burst
    I blame my New Years resolution to drink more water, which I've been killllling 👌
  9. Legit I cannot remember the last time I had to pee so badly
  10. Stay strong little bladder. Stay strong.