1. Crispy roast potatoes
  2. A warm towel when I step out of the shower
  3. When the barista asks, "the usual?"
  4. Drinking Malbec while watching BBC shows with my Mom Mom*
    *My Grandmother
  5. Pulling into my parents' driveway
  6. This guy
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  7. Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream covered in rainbow sprinkles
    The white kind not the green kind, that's for heathens
  8. My Mom reading aloud to us
    Her voice softens and takes on a methodical lilt that's evidence of how absorbed she is by the story @lynndawson
  9. The pork belly and roast chicken dishes at John J Jeffries in Lancaster, PA
    First course: pork belly. They switch up how they serve it seasonally but it is ALWAYS fantastic. Second course: roast chicken is likewise always prepared perfectly and topped with a delicious chimichurri sauce. It's extra nice if one of the veggies it is served on top of sautéed Swiss chard. Third course changes and while I'm a dessert gal, the first two courses are so good that I'd still leave full and happy without a third.
  10. Reading by a fire
  11. Fighting with my Aunt Kathy and my Mom over the crispy/fatty skin of the Thanksgiving turkey while my Uncle carves it and reprimands us.
  12. Walking into a used book store when you have plenty of time to browse and nothing particular in mind to pick out.
  13. A Penn State tailgate with my best college friends
  14. Being mesmerized by the waves at the beach
  15. Catching a whiff of Giorgio Armani Wings perfume
    This is rare these days. It's what my Nana wore, and I always wondered if she liked it so much because of the name as much as the scent (she was a Pan Am Stewardess). I wish I had asked her.
  16. Playing Chinese Checkers at Elm Tree House
  17. Christmas
    Cliché, yes; true, yes