And by everything else I mean basic humans rights and dignity
  1. Russia hosted the 2014 Winter Olympics and will host the 2018 World Cup
    You can see a list of articles re: 2018 World Cup controversies here but suffice to say, Vladimir Putin deserves 0 praise and glory but thanks to a corrupt IOC and FIFA, he is getting plenty.
  2. Qatar is hosting the 2022 World Cup major human rights abuses, only one of which is labor exploitation. Not only does Qatar hosting WC 2022 fly in the face of human decency, it flies in the face of common sense—they've had to switch the *season* in which it's held because it's too damn hot in July to play soccer there. (To which I say, no shit, Sherlock.)
  3. Domestic violence abuse by professional athletes results in barely a slap on the wrist—if that because as long as you perform well on the field, you can get away with virtually any poor behavior off of it
  4. Kesha's appeal to the court's decision in her case against Sony was thrown out just unbelievable
  5. Woody Allen is honored and glorified with seemingly no second thought as to whether or not he's a decent guy deserving of either
    Let it be said, I do believe in "innocent until proven guilty." But this doesn't excuse us from pausing to think critically about whether his likely actions should be taken into account before we continue to praise him. Every time Woody Allen gets accolades or awards, we're sending a message about what really matters, and clearly it is NOT listening to those who speak up about abuse and then doing our due diligence to get to the bottom of it. And I say this as a fan of his movies.
  6. I'd like to write in depth about all of this, and maybe this list will serve as a reminder that I should
    I'd write about whether or not we can/should separate the art from artist. About why certain people get away with horrific things and others don't, and how it seems to especially be an entertainment industry trend. About how I am part of the problem, since I love being entertained and don't seem to be putting my angry words into action. About how entertainment as a broad industry can only exist with an audience, and so we as an audience have more power than we think.