Our service men and women deserve our appreciation every day, but today especially. Here are a few ways we can show them our appreciation.
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    Instead of just saying "Thank you for your service" ask someone you know about theirs
    However, be sensitive to who and how you ask, as not everyone wants to discuss theirs. Some good questions to ask are, "What did you do in the military?", "How long did you serve?", and, "Why did you choose the branch of service you went into?"
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    Attend a local event or volunteer your time at one
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    Support a veteran-owned establishment
    www.veteranownedbusiness.com or Google Veteran Owned Local Businesses in your town.
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    Attend an event at your local VA hospital
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    There are literally thousands of Veterans Service Organizations out there. Do your research and pick one to donate to, but here are a few to consider: VETERANS SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT IN HONOR OF VETERANS DAY🇺🇸
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    Remember that Veterans Day is not the same as Memorial Day
    I know this sounds obvious, but Veterans Day is about thanking them and Memorial Day is about remembering those we lost, and you'd be surprised how many people treat the two days the same way