Wedding Decorations by @sariyou

This past weekend I went to Pennsylvania to help one of my very best friend's with her brother's wedding. @sariyou planned and executed the whole thing—even the cake—and I'm so proud of her.
  1. The mantle in the ceremony room
  2. (I couldn't stop staring at it)
    She free-formed this on the fly, but somehow of all our preparations on her wedding day, this surprisingly took the least amount of time.
  3. The bride's bouquet
    I had no idea that eucalyptus was so gorgeous
  4. The head table
  5. Flower arrangement perfection
  6. Table decor
  7. Cake table
    5-later double chocolate with Bailey's chocolate mousse Italian meringue buttercream frosting, the color precisely matched to the invitations because Sarah is a perfectionist
  8. Magic flowers
    They're magic because she made them out of sugar and if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I don't think I'd believe it.
  9. She's not a professional wedding planner or decorator (yet) but she may just be the world's best sister