1. Dual monitors
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    Immediately after I got a second monitor, I didn't know how I'd lived without it for so long. Work is infinitely more efficient and less headache-inducing with 2 screens.
  2. Candy bowl in the lobby
  3. The not-so-passive-aggressive signs in the women's bathroom
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    "When will they change it? What will they complain about this time? Who exactly are 'they'?" This is the newest one.
  4. Space heater
    Our office is ❄️⛄️🌀
  5. Blanket
    This is not overkill; it feels colder inside than outside (where it's 53 degrees)
  6. Kristen
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    Everyone needs someone they can go to at work when they're stressed, or when they're excited, or just have questions about stupid stuff they're too embarrassed to ask anyone else, and Kristen is my someone💗
  7. StickyNotes for desktop
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    These are so useful. I have a list of to-dos I handwrite, and often Tasks in Outlook, but these are right in front of my face, so I've actually found they're the most useful tool for remembering to-dos and priorities. Simple, easy, effective 👍
  8. Spotify
    Necessary.You can find me at elizabeth_anndawson. Recently played artists: Burlap to Cashmere, Chiddy Bang, The Avett Brothers, The American Spirit, Philip Glass, distant cousins.
  9. My jade elephant
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  10. Google Analytics
    Guys! Who knew data was so fun?! Not me, until recently. Seriously, I really really love Google Analytics.
  11. Snack/necessities drawer
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    If I'm not fed regularly, I'm a petulant cranky child. I also keep an emergency kit full of: mascara, lipgloss, Advil, tampons, toothbrush, deodorant, perfume, toothpaste & brush, under eye brightening cream, and an extra pair of panties. This way if I ever have to go to an unexpected evening event or meeting, I can feel refreshed and half decent.
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