Ahhh, the dreams of my youth. From about age 5-15
  1. The Little Mermaid
  2. An American Girl Doll (preferably Kirsten, Felicity, or Samantha)
  3. A dolphin trainer at a physical rehab facility
    Then someone told me I'd have to study a lot of science. I was recently informed, by someone who used to work at one of these facilities, that this is not true. I wish they hadn't told me that.
  4. A Kentucky-Derby winning jockey
    But then I had a growth spurt that put me over 5' and 100 pounds so I adjusted this dream accordingly...
  5. An Olympic equestrian
  6. A teacher
    I'm pretty sure this was because I figured I could boss people around and be thanked for it with apples (which were my favorite food as a kid, and remain top 5 today--but not those Red Delicious ones, those are disgusting).
  7. A lawyer
    This was definitely so I could get paid to argue with people.
  8. A perpetual student
    I wanted to get my Ph.D in literature. And then I realized I didn't necessarily want to be a literature professor but there's not a whole lot that doctors of literature do besides teach it.