Excuse me while I have a @RossGeller moment, please.
  1. Stage 1: disbelief
    "Monday's are the worst"?! Nope. No, no, I must've misread that Instagram post.
  2. Stage 2: rage
    Giphy downsized medium
    NOOOOO how could they?!
  3. Stage 3: reluctant acceptance
    It's fine. It's ok. Language is always changing. And it's not all for the worse. It's not that big of a deal...move on, Liz. (Followed by seeing 10 similar mistakes on various forms of social media...)
  4. Stage 4: depression
    <Cue over-dramatic moaning about loss of appreciation for the English language, tinged with slight sense of superiority>
  5. Stage 5: supreme irritation
    I will not accept incorrect possessives. I've accepted many other changes and short hands in the evolution of modern language. But this, this one I won't.