This is what I am always listening to at work when @ilandress comes by and gives me A Look for having headphones on.
  1. "Haunted When the Minutes Drag" by Love and Rockets
  2. "Hurricane" MS MR
  3. "Age of Consent" New Order
    No joke I listened to this song every morning for over a year in high school and I'm still not sick of it
  4. "Glass" MO
  5. "Spellbound" Siouxie and the Banshees
  6. "Oblivion" Grimes
    Hey I said this was an intro playlist, OK so can it with the attitude it's a good song
  7. "Beggin for Thread" Banks
  8. "Smalltown Boy" Bronski Beat
  9. "Anna" Will Butler
  10. "What's A Girl To Do" Bat For Lashes
    I remember catching this video really late at night when I was 15 and it changed my whole life!!
  11. "The Ghost In You" The Psychadelic Furs
    Poppier than the rest of this playlist but IDGAF!! 🌙👻🔮
  12. "The Killing Moon" Echo and the Bunnymen
    One of the only songs I can play on any instrument! (Ukulele)
  13. "Just Like Honey" The Jesus and Mary Chain
    The one that started it all for Ol Liz Watson!!!