I don't know what that emoji means, but I will do my best!!! 100% FIGHTING! 👊⭐️
  1. We have both written for The Toast
    She writes bad sex advice, I brutalize nerds and make body horror jokes about Cathy. 🍅, to-mah-toe
  2. She has a reference to A+ film "The Hudsucker Proxy" in her bio
    One of my all-time favorites, a weird and unloved entry in the Coen Brothers canon
  3. She is much easier to google than me
    I am not Barry Bond's ex-wife OR a professional cat show judge
  4. Cute brunettes who like pop culture gotta stick together
    Except I am like this 💁 and Drew is like this 👰 (according to my googles)
  5. She seems to be a person with good taste and enormous quantities of chill
    Rare AF, TBQH
  6. Drew, what is your favorite horror movie?
    My all-time favorite is Rosemary's Baby tied with Alien, but my favorite franchise is Sleepaway Camp.
  7. Friendship fanfiction theater:
    Drew and I go see WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS at Landmark sunshine and have a spirited debate over egg creams at Russ and Daughters about the use of Kickstarter for projects that already have a backer
  8. Drew, do you like anime?
    No wrong answers here
  9. Maybe 🔁 means she wants to RT me
    I am a human girl Drew, not a novelty Twitter account!!!
  10. This list is probably alienating and confusing to everyone else
    IDK, maybe request one and I will list how cool you are too???
  11. I think this went rather well
    All things considered