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  1. Cool boners
  2. Scrambo, hambone!
    Slant rhyme is cool boners for 2015
  3. Bop it!
    Twist it! Pull it! YOW!! (Teens have not yet decided if this is a sex thing or a drugs thing)
  4. Uh, that's NOT how it works!!
    Said in a very cool manner to indicate you do know how it works
    Chat acronym for "We Stole This Trend From Another Culture"
  6. "That's SO Meerkat!!"
    Millennial teens are just crazy for the latest apps!!!
  7. Mono no aware
    Japanese term which roughly translates to "the bittersweet pathos which arises when one is made aware of the transience of all things." Very big on Tumblr.
  8. That's so Facebook.
    Old, irrelevant, used up, uncool, but still necessary.
    Suggested by @EricElkins