Useful burns for enemies
  1. Me: Reptar
    You: Dummi Bears
  2. Me: Zara
    You: Zara Basic
  3. Me: Magic Kingdom
    You: Epcot
  4. Me: Jackie Collins
    You: Nora Roberts
  5. Me: Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman
    You: Dr T & the Women
  6. Me: Anthony Lane
    You: Dave Denby
  7. Me: Kelly Rowland
    You: Michelle Williams (neither one of us gets to be Beyoncé)
  8. Me: Senpai
    You: Kohai
  9. Me: Red Lobster
    You: Long John Silver's
  10. Me: Arthur (1981)
    You: Arthur (2011)
  11. Me: Robyn from Sweden
    You: Robin from "How I Met Your Mother"
  12. Me: List App
    You: Quizilla
  13. Me: Michelle Williams
    You: Farrah Franklin
    Suggested by @eatthelove