This list is probably gonna put ME on a list--an FBI watch list! Heyo!! (I promise I'm not a murderer) (is what a murderer would say!)
  1. Judy/Ally/Cindy, SLEEPAWAY CAMP 1/2/3
    So I have complicated feelings about slut-shaming in horror movies. The SLEEPAWAY CAMP franchise (one which already has fucky gender politics) takes this to radical extremes, disposing of the "slutty" character via a curling iron, outhouse, and flagpole respectively. If anyone wants to talk about phallic/vaginal imagery, I'll be over here being avoided by everyone I know after I publish this list! (Pictured: Judy w flawless side pony and incredibly JUDY tshirt, which I covet shamelessly)
  2. Killer hair, UZUMAKI
    If you haven't seen this movie, DO SO IMMEDIATELY. It's this deeply bizarre Japanese movie about a town haunted by spirals. One girl's hair takes on a mind of its own, forming perfect spiral curls--but her vanity goes too far!
  3. Phillip's Pinocchio moment, NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET: DREAM WARRIORS
    Arguably the strongest film of the franchise, DREAM WARRIORS balances the genuinely creepy tone of the first with the hyper-imaginative/bonkers energy of the later films. This scene captures that blend PERFECTLY-scary and creative!
  4. Mercy kill, SLITHER
    "Bill! Shoot me!" And he's instantly shot. No hesitation, no tears, no bullshit about "I know you're in there! Fight!" Perfect comic timing in a perfect horror-comedy.
  5. Opening, SUSPIRA
    When I was 12 I rented this for a sleepover and everybody got too scared after this scene and I got lectured by one girl's parents! For real.
  6. Last call, THE BLOB (1988)
    I love this movie so much. Genuinely scary body horror, surprising twists, Del Close (?!??) in a major supporting part-what else do you need? The phone booth scene is perfect claustrophobic horror.
    I'm gonna be real-don't love the FRIDAY THE 13th movies. Of the holy trinity of slasher movies (Halloween, Nightmare, Friday the 13th) I find them to be pretty lacking in personality. But I love this bit! Her stupid hat, the CANADA AND LOVE/FUCK YOU sign, the banana--she's very weird and funny and memorable, like a character from another movie.
  8. Critter ball! CRITTERS 2
    So stupid it goes around the corner and becomes genius