I like my room a lot, it is very me (full of weird European history and creepy natural history shit)
  1. FUCK THE PATRIARCHY party banner with 16-inch museum-quality reproduction bull shark jaws
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    I bought reproduction jaws because I am obsessed with sharks but don't want to contribute to their over-fishing. I bought the banner because Fuck The Patriarchy.
  2. Original Polish circus poster from the 1920s featuring three strong men in leotards
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    This is a beautiful piece of history that also cracks me up. My brother got it for me.
  3. Hand-stained political cartoon (in Cyrillic alphabet) featuring the Kaiser in a cage in the back of an elephant.
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    Bought this in a map shop in Paris in 2007. If anyone can translate that would be 👌
  4. Graphite skull and squid print
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    The skull is from Mexico and the print is from this Japanese artists who covered dead squids in ink and smacks em on a canvas
  5. Three butterflies in shadow boxes
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    Anteos menippe, heliconius burneyi, and I forget the top one. From the Art Rock shop in Bar Harbor, an A+ destination for natural history nerds (much cheaper than Evolution in NYC)