1. The Lil'est Orphan
    Wears a sailor hat and carries around an oversize lollipop. Thinks Woodrow Wilson is president. Racial views=problematic.
  2. Roy Cohn
    Does not change the Britta filter. Snores. Sexual politics=problematic.
  3. Aveline the Disco Queen
    Leaves little trails of glitter and cocaine everywhere she goes.
  4. The Ghost of the Phrase "I Can't Even"
    Too soon.
  5. Old Bess
    Cat ghost, not human.
  6. Young Bess
    Human ghost, not cat.
  7. All 146 Victims of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
    These guys are great at Bananagrams but do not get Cards Against Humanity and it's like uhhhh it's called dark humor?!!?
  8. A Fat Gengar
    Gengar is a dual-type Ghost/Poison Pokemon. This one is fat.
  9. My Innocence
    SUCH a buzzkill
  10. One of The Warriors from the movie "The Warriors"
    I thought it was just a movie, too!! He is a pretty private person actually