1. Jynx is an Generation-One Ice/Psychic type Pokemon. It is the starting Pokemon of gym leader Lorelai.
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    "The Jinx" is a 2015 HBO documentary series about Robert Durst. It is not the starting Pokemon of any gym leader.
  2. Jynx's signature move is Lovely Kiss, a non-damaging Normal-type move which puts the enemy to sleep.
    Robert Durst's signature move is Execution-Style Murder, an extremely damaging Abnormal-type move which puts the enemy in little pieces in a river.
  3. Jynx's original design was met with great controversy, as many accused creators Gamefreak and Nintendo of perpetrating racist stereotypes with a design that invoked blackface.
    "The Jinx"'s original airing was met with great controversy as many accused filmmakers Jarecki, Smerling, and Stuart-Pontier of withholding evidence which might have helped indict Robert Durst earlier. (Actually, I think "The Jinx" wins here.)
  4. At level 30, Jynx evolves from Smoochum.
    At age 39, Robert Durst murdered his wife.
  5. After sustaining a sufficient amount of damage, Jynx (like all Pokemon) can be imprisoned in a Pokeball.
    After sustaining a sufficient amount of public scrutiny, Robert Durst (like all wealthy white men) can avoid imprisonment for a number of decades.