It's ok lil buddy, they can't all be winners
  1. •
    Remind myself that if Monica Lewinsky can have a renaissance, then so can my list!
  2. •
    Sweatily fret that I have accidentally offended someone famous and powerful, who will order my typing finger chopped off like some ancient caliph
  3. •
    Remember other embarrassing failures I have endured in attempts to be loved/esteemed
    Misguided "funny" class presentations in sixth grade, accidental farts shopping at Brass Plum with friends outside my social rank, overspilling a too-small swimsuit at Field Day! All back and in Dolby Digital Surround Sound!
  4. •
    Seethingly resent more popular lists I find banal
    Sulking and lurking like the Phantom of the Opera
  5. •
    Defiant Katherine Hepburn voice "Why, that crowd of donkeys wouldn't take heed of an admirable list if it wore a Saville Row gown and danced the Lindy Hop!"
  6. •
    Pathetic Jack Lemmon in GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS voice "It's just these relists! If I could only catch a break, I tell ya...my next one would kill, if I could just get a relist. Ah, pete. Ah, geez."
  7. •
    Tell myself the validation of others doesn't matter as long as I like my ideas!