It's ok lil buddy, they can't all be winners
  1. Remind myself that if Monica Lewinsky can have a renaissance, then so can my list!
  2. Sweatily fret that I have accidentally offended someone famous and powerful, who will order my typing finger chopped off like some ancient caliph
  3. Remember other embarrassing failures I have endured in attempts to be loved/esteemed
    Misguided "funny" class presentations in sixth grade, accidental farts shopping at Brass Plum with friends outside my social rank, overspilling a too-small swimsuit at Field Day! All back and in Dolby Digital Surround Sound!
  4. Seethingly resent more popular lists I find banal
    Sulking and lurking like the Phantom of the Opera
  5. Defiant Katherine Hepburn voice "Why, that crowd of donkeys wouldn't take heed of an admirable list if it wore a Saville Row gown and danced the Lindy Hop!"
  6. Pathetic Jack Lemmon in GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS voice "It's just these relists! If I could only catch a break, I tell next one would kill, if I could just get a relist. Ah, pete. Ah, geez."
  7. Tell myself the validation of others doesn't matter as long as I like my ideas!