Saw WHEN MARNIE WAS THERE last night at IFC and realized there is no Studio Ghibli appreciation list on this app yet!
  1. They aren't afraid of silence
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    Conventional wisdom says that kids are hyperactive little ADD monsters who will just bite their own hand off if there isn't a fart joke or chase scene every 30 seconds. Ghibli movies are all marked with gentle, peaceful moments where just nothing major happens. And kids are ENRAPTURED by them. They trust their audience, and that trust is rewarded.
  2. They are SO SO SO BEAUTIFUL
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    Literally this could just be a list of breathtaking scenery and it would be fine
  3. No true villains, no black and white morality
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    People be like "weeeehhh Walter White so morally ambiguous" and it's like UH HAVE YA MET MY GIRL LADY EBOSHI
  4. They are unapologetically weird
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    I feel like a lot of movies get very nervous and don't trust their audiences, so they over-explain and spoonfeed and smooth over every weird or imaginative detail until they render them mundane. In Ghibli movies, you just gotta deal with what they give you! A man turns into a pig because he's disgusted with humans! That's it! That's all the explanation you get! Now watch this beautiful film!
  5. Totoro in the rain!
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  6. REAL HUMAN EMOTIONS in fantasy universes
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    Example: KIKI'S DELIVERY SERVICE is an unbelievably cathartic exploration of artistic crisis, self-doubt, and maturation, but it's the story of a little witch! More real and emotionally honest than literally 99% of prestige dramas my friends try to make me watch.
  7. The studio is going to die, and that is perfect.
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    There's lots of talk that MARNIE will be the studio's last film, and so many nerds are whining because nerds are a fundamentally greedy and perpetually unsatisfied people. But we were lucky enough to receive 20+ years unequivocally wonderful films. They will not be diminished or disgraced by sequels and lackluster follow-ups. Do you know what a rare and beautiful thing that is? And it's what Miyazaki wants! He is not afraid of the end! It's a Ghibli-esque finish: peaceful and bittersweet.
  8. All the food looks like the most DELICIOUS THINGS
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    Thanks @eatthelove !!
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