As woman we have this idea that men should come to us. Well that is not true!!! Like at all. But even if we believe that still a majority of us believe the man has to take the lead and buy the drinks. So here is a cool way that worked for me when I picked a guy up at a bar that might work for you! This works better in crowded bar.
  1. Find the Guy.
    Let's be honest, this won't work unless you have someone you want to talk to.
  2. Walk up to the bar if he's sitting there.
    Don't look at him. Just order your drink and wait for the bartender to hand you your drink first than lean in and tell the bartender to get him whatever he's having (point to the guy next to you) on your tab. Then walk away. If he's not at the bar wait until he goes up to the bar.
  3. Wait.
    Go join your friends and talk. Enjoy yourself! You didn't come out for this man! You came out to have fun!! Wait until the bartender tells the guy that you bought him a drink. Give it a few minutes. He should be impressed and come talk to you!
  4. If he does come over to thank you for the drink,
    Tell him your welcome. If he asks you at any point why you bought it say "I thought a good looking guy like yourself could use a drink."
  5. Talk casually but not too much.
    Keep it casual. Don't be over eager. Keep the mystery. Once the convo has any break tell him it was nice chatting but you have to get back to your friends. Again don't leave your gals hanging! If he asks for your number give it to him but don't offer it first. As soon as you give it to him, divert attention back to your friends.
  6. If he doesn't come up to you,
    Who cares! You are a bad ass woman! You are beautiful and strong and sometimes it's just nice to make a kind gesture and go after what you want!
  7. Don't play games
    In your relationships! Ever!!!! Don't do it!! I know this post is like a game but flirting is. It's all fun and games but once things turn even remotely serious the games should end.
  8. Don't take flirting seriously, have fun!!
    I posted this not as a "How to Get a Guy Quick" scheme. I'm just tired of seeing a lot of my beautiful female friends waiting around at bars waiting for a guy to approach them. I told them of this one time I met a guy at a bar and how I approached him. It was fun and empowering and they now use it. So enjoy these tips!