1. Pizza teaches us.
    This is a photo I took at my favorite local pizza joint. Look at that. Pizza teaching me to believe in myself? Too good to be true? Nay. Pizza continues to teach me to push my limits. It likely pushed your boundaries too. That's called personal growth. Get excited about it.
  2. Pizza exists.
    I don't have any further comment. It's just one of my favorite truths.
  3. We are pizza.
    Look if life isn't like one big pizza than what the heck is it? We share a lot in common with pizza. We all come in different shapes, sizes, flavors (metaphorically, I don't condone cannibalism) and in infinite varieties. Emphasis on the infinite. I saw a man eat macaroni on pizza last week. Did I do that? No that's awful. But the point is, you could. Yes you did, Hannibal.
  4. It's good for you. The government said so.
    Of course congress said yes, this the land of the free. Be free, fellow Americans.