Things We Don't Need More Of

I can almost guarantee you've thought of most of these.
  1. Bad tattoos.
    Tattoos are cool, but I often find myself discouraging people to get them. You might say, "Logan, why are you against tattoos? Have thee no appreciate for expressive art?" My answer is, I'm not against tattoos. I'm against bad tattoos. I'm no hater, I just think it's nice dissuade people from printing their bad ideas on their bodies permanently.
  2. Titanic II
    ...Do you know what happened to Titanic 1? This is almost as bad as Grease 2. But to be clear, not quite.
  3. Bumper Stickers
    Is it just me? Or does there not seem to be much middle ground when it comes to bumper stickers. Regarding to both subject matter and actual number of stickers. Just an observation.
  4. Freaking Recipe Videos
    Look, obviously we'd all be dead if it weren't for the ability to cook. I'm a fan of it myself. But where do we draw the line on showing everyone how to do it..constantly? Without reference, I can tell you exactly each component of one of these glorious videos. 1. A catchy title merging the name of your dish with the word "crack" or simply adding "gasm" to the end of your dish. 2. Bold face white text. 3. Time lapse 4. Elevator music. Spread the word to end the word.
  5. Anything With Cats
    I realize I've just contributed to the volume of cats on the Internet. I apologize.