Lists that I have considered making for my first ever list

I have put a lot of thought into the way I want to emerge into the list world (Sarcastically? Intelligently? Witty? Whimsical?)
  1. A list of things for which I could write a more convincing love letter than a man
    The top of this list was my orthotics, and I fully intend to write this list at a later date
  2. A list of thoughts I had while applying to law school
    This list would probably take up all the data on my phone
  3. A list of places I want to travel
    See description above
  4. A list of my favourite places I have ever travelled
    This list makes me sound pretentious as hell. I will write it later
  5. A list of the things I am going to miss most about the city I am soon moving away from
    Items 1-10 will be names of friends
  6. Something whimsical
    Note that I am not actually a whimsical person and do not have a lot of ideas in this area
  7. A list of dream jobs
    These jobs will all be stable and logical, see list above