Our favorite dogs to follow on Instagram

We have our own account but love seeing what other dogs are up to! Check us out lollidoodle.and.sallypoo.
  1. Mr. Sneaky
    An L.A dog who cruises downtown and posts the coolest street art. He also happens to have several sidekicks, including a fluffy white pup named MiniMu.
  2. Ned
    Ned is Lolli's not so secret crush. He lives in Australia and looks like a stuffed animal.
  3. Sandwich
    This doodle lives the sweet life in his garden jail when he is not roaming in his family's vineyard!
  4. Kooper
    Kooper travels across the country meeting doodles everywhere he goes. He is the originator of the #getuponstuff movement!
  5. Hailey & Hunter
    A pair of siblings that go on local and far away (San Francisco) adventures!
  6. Nelson (and his brother Walter the wolfhound)
    These bros live in Texas and live the hipster life.