Our parents take us to the dog park every weekend. Pretty much every visit includes at least one interest thought for our mom to ponder.
  1. Why is this lady still talking to me?
    Sure our mom doesn't mind answering a question or two about us, her fluffy babies, but that's where it ends. She didn't come here to socialize. Sorry not everyone is friendly.
  2. Why did they bring a toddler to the dog park and let him roam free among the animals?
    It's called a dog park for a reason people. Some dogs are accustomed to little tiny humans running around them and invading their personal space, others aren't. This is a recipe for disaster. I don't want your kid to accidentally hurt my dog any more than I want my dog to accidentally hurt your kid.
  3. Can that person read?
    If so, then why did she bring treats into the dog park when the posted sign clearly states they are forbidden? If not, how did she pass the written portion of her driver's test and drive herself and her dog here today?
  4. Do you think my dog understands the concept of "your" water dish?
    No. The answer is no, my dog doesn't understand that the nice, cool, refreshing water you just put out for your dog isn't for her to drink too. She's an animal!
  5. Whose dog is that?
    Seriously, sometimes our mom wants to adopt a dog she sees at the dog park and secretly hopes the owner is looking for a new home for the pup!