At least this is what I do lol starting the night before. ..
  1. Check the weather of the location you're going to
    Check days before if possible. My trips are usually last minute
  2. Plan activities
    Or figure out what activities are planned for you
  3. Look through as many Pintrest pins, Glamour and Rolling Stone magazines, and fashion profiles on Instagram as possible to get outfit ideas
    Stop before your head explodes tho
  4. Make a list of everything you need to pack
    Deodorant is always at the top
  5. Empty out your suitcase from the last trip
    Which I still haven't unpacked from 😳
  6. Go to sleep
  7. Next day pre-pack
    Hygiene stuff in a baggy. Hair products in a baggy. Etc.
  8. Wait until 2 hrs before the plane takes off to start actually packing
    Only takes me 10 minutes because everything is already planned out in my head and on paper.
  9. Check the list
    And check it twice
  10. Walk through house to see if you forgot anything
    *grabs banana* duh. I need to eat.
  11. Add a ribbon or tag to identify your bag easier
    I usually skip this step because for whatever reason my ribbons always manage to come off 😑.. even if I superglue it
  12. Zipperup! ! Lock it! And throw away the key!
    Jk. Need that. My suitcase key is on my key ring which is always with me 😊. Time to head to the airport! ✈