Now this may seem strange to some but I dont delete numbers from my phone, ever (unless it's a wrong number or disconnected). I only change the name associated with the number so that when I am contacted, I am reminded that that particular person is a piece of shit and I should not answer.... here are the reasons why:
  1. You spin me on more than one occasion (name change usually occurs after the 2nd time but sometimes I don't wait that long)
    (Spin meaning: stood me up, left me hanging, didn't come through when you said you would)
  2. You talk to me like you have no sense on more than one occasion, including but not limited to: yelling, cursing at me, calling me out of my name, etc
    the first time, maybe you were drunk or high so I can let it slide, the 2nd time, you have a problem and you need to fix it, before your name gets changed and you never hear from me again
  3. The only conversation you offer is sexual or laced with sexual inuindos
  4. You hurt my feelings
    (I.e. guy I'm in an unofficial relationship with for years says he wants to have kids, I already have one, says he wants to get me pregnant, I distance myself from him, guy goes and has a baby with someone else. -OR- Say I want to be with you, respect the fact that you don't want a relationship but we continue with sexual relations, you fuck around with someone else and get them pregnant (YOU BITCH! I WOULDN'T BE PISSED IF YOU WERE HONEST WITH ME) now I can not have you in my life)
  5. When directly after we exchange numbers, you disclose that you have an addiction I'm not ok with
    I.e. gambling, heroine, action figures, eating crickets... shit like that.
  6. Attempting to Peer pressuring me to do something
    The second I catch the slightest inclination of being peer pressured, I'm out... and you're blocked
  7. If you have successfully swindled me
    Swindle meaning: pull the wool over my eyes, make me look like a fool, cheat me out of something, take advantage of me
  8. You owe me money and refuse to pay up
    This seems odd, to block someone or change the person's name to 'dont answer' because you'd think I'd want to recognize the number in the event they decide to call TO pay the debt. HAHA. NO. That is not me. If you owe me money and won't pay up, that is OK with me. You have nothing else to say to me and if you did I wouldn't want to hear it.. but do know I am one to not only save addresses on my Google maps but also PULL UP and compensate. And it's never about the amount of money, never.
  9. You seemingly dont have time for me
    Ain't no way you're "too busy". You make time for what you want to make time for
  10. Negative vibes
  11. You a frienemy instead of a friend to me
    Either you are my friend or you are not. If I come to you as a friend in need, do not give me a laundry list of excuses as to why you are not suitable to help... either you can or you can't. Say no and move on.
  12. You have been blocked already and attempt to contact me from another number
    Fucking idiot. It ain't gone work.
  13. You tryna climb out the friend zone when I've made it clear, you shall remain there.
    I'm not going to let you fuck, so accept it and be cool or become another "dont answer" number and move on.
  14. You parade like you single as fuck but in a relationship like fuck
    I SHOULD tell your girl so she can beat yo ass forreal. But ima mind my business and change you to "Dont answer"