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I hope I have good clean photos, let's see....
  1. Such a laugh, but intriguing.
    "Kinky Boot," is a real musical based on true story. This was an ad before coming out of the tube.
  2. Great books hard to find!
    My brother had this book particular, and won't allow me to even touch it. So I took a pic, search for online and found few copies, used. Still the greatest book of all time.
  3. Karaoke pratice!
    Took a screen shot of this classic. Why? So I can bloody learn the lyrics and go on an Karaoke Mashup contest in nyc.
  4. Got Rat-tata?! Why wait
    One of the dreadful things about living in NYC are the rodents population. Especially I m new to the mint counter attacks. Wow...Well it works!
  5. Got backyard?!
    One of my specialty in nyc as an entrepreneur in NYC is turning deas beat backyards into a affordable, fancy, comfortable lot, literally.