Aftermath of a bloody Memorial Day(😵😱)

10 things to do and not to do on M.D!
  1. 1) do not invite people that somehow invites a nation, empty handed to a BBQ. Bloody rude😧!
  2. 2) Do come at the giving time you were told to come, or else you will have to cook your own food and eat it by yourself. ⏰⏳
  3. 3) Do not...NOT come empty handed👎!
    The misconception behind bbq is that friends thinks you sef-fiance a whole bbq party. WRONG! I m broke just like anybody else who are still paying school loan back.
  4. 4) Do not take over...Vegans 👿!
    Vegan cops literally hijacked the whole Grill and tried to convert everyone into vegans. STOP! You don't see us carnivore trying to convert ya back to the meat stone age. So stop acting like a jehovah witnesses.
  5. 5) Do not fight over music🎶!
    There is nothing wrong with ipod swapping for different music or taste, but to start taking a piss over someone's music choice, is just unacceptable.
  6. 6) Do not Nae-Nae if you are a grown person!
    I was never a big fan of the dance, neither Souja boy's crank that superman. "Don't be judgemental" you may say, but how can there be raggea music playing, and you are Nae-Nae -ing!?
  7. 7) Do Clean after yourself! 🚽🚾
    For some bloody reason, some people thinks host are responsible for cleaning after they eased up. Absolutely, I can't afford a Butler! Please wipe after you used the toilet or flush everything completely down the sewage, get me!
  8. 8) Do not take home 3 plates 🍜🍛
    Me: why...why are you taking more food you cant even carry? Him: Oh this is for my roommates! Me: they should have came, but I will appreciate if you take 2 plates atleast. Him: oh its too late, but i got you next time. Me😤: I don't even know you! Smh
  9. 9) Do not try to eat everything😠
    This is not a buffet, especially when you don't finish all your food, and the rest goes to the trash. That's every penny, time and energy wasted.
  10. 10) Do help clean up!
    Everyone leaves, with more plates in their hands but can't even help clear everything for the host. Luckily my housemates were able to assist. Fyi, I will not invite you again or will lock up doors so no one escapes before clean up.
  11. It was still a lovely M.Day. tell me about your M.Day at the comment box below!