American Airlines is banning carry on bags!

You heard that right, did some research and it's happening. They are banning carry on bags and over head bins use for basic economy passengers.
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    It's a business strategy so they can advertise super-low ticket prices, but upcharge on everything a reasonable traveller would want later.
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    Charges such as picking a seat. Not a good seat, mind you, any seat. If you don't pay this fee, you have a guaranteed middle seat, probably towards the back of the plane, and you are not sitting with your party. They also charge you to print a boarding pass at the airport.
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    A friend of mine who also confirmed it, works for AA, but a different sector that handles express flights. Stated they can pay him and his colleagues less than $10/hr, but still boast to the media that THEIR workers make over $30/hr.
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    Now I have to try other Airlines with great services.