1. I m excited because this will be my 1st time celebrating with my American friends as we BBQ away tomorrow.
  2. Static
    For those who might be working tomorrow, i will eat, drink and weep for you all!
  3. Static
    I love working out, but i m going to call out on this one. Afterwards, i can always burn all the ferocious fattening out of mi body.
  4. Static
    Sharing cultural food with everyone is the most exciting part about tomorrow. America large food portion are aways scary, but this country has interesting food i never heard off.
  5. Static
    Sunny day, humidity in nyc is not a joke, and grilling in 500 fehrenheit will probaby give you concussion. Pints washes those pains away...hmm
  6. What are you excited about tomorrow? Please do tell...