I let this draft sit too long, so release the cracking. Ramses...Ramses...you bloody twat, how I fancy to put my hands around your prickly pencil neck. Just kidding! As i followed GOT, with the ruthless bastard, pitbull master, Ramses. He is worst than Jeffery, and all the mean characters combined. He is the best, amicable for his role.
  1. If I was Jon snow, I would tell Sansa to piss off, and beat him to death till his skull cracks, but this isn't satifying...no no not this way...
  2. If I was Sansa, remove of his phallic would be a best revenge and feed it to his dogs as he watches it horrifically. That can't be it, there has to be more...sorry that's all I have for Sansa.
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  3. If I was Theone (Reek) joined the battle, skin him alive would reallly cracked a reeky smile. Yes I am sensing a bit satisfaction there.
  4. If I was. ....I would have fought him 1 on 1. Ramses might not pull up a good fight with out is arrows, so eyes closed, a spinach, smoke pipes, and few swings would end his life.
  5. If I was Rickon and everyone can see my spirit, I would possess Ramses, shoot a bloody arrow in to an angle towards the sky as it lands on his back, few more would end his life.