How to enjoy Nottinghill carnival list

MIA from list recently, why? had to participate at the carnival in England. It is the largest Street festival in Europe and 2nd largest carnival in the world 😊👑
  1. Enjoying the carnival is like appreciating people to acknowledge the heritages. Have a laugh and enjoy all that is presented. After all the organising cost £500,000. The return money rounds up to £90 millions pounds.
  2. The #1 best things about the carnival?
    Costumes troupes (Mas Bands) dresses are delightful and colourful.
  3. The 2nd best things about the carnival?
    Multicultural and diversity. This carnival brings the community together.
  4. The 3rd best things are?
    Lots of Carribbean food 🍜🍛🍚, and other ethnicities food out there too. 300 food stalls vendors, 5 tons of chicken, 30, 000 corns, 1 tons of rice and peas.
  5. The 4th best thing - footing?
    The marching parades, masquerade, soundsystems, steel pan bands, calypso, and soca.
  6. The 5th best thing - man of steel?
    The annual Panorama steel band competition, and that has been around since 1977.
  7. The 6th - The Law?
    Policemen are caught dancing and bursting the groove. Love it and positively awesome. Check out youtube for the 2013 London Carnival Police dance off.
  8. The 7th - Scary?
    Early Mas costumes at Carnival were inspired by West African mythology, and were more scary than sexy.
  9. The 8th - Crafty?
    Most of the costumes are designed by crafted Trinidadian.
  10. The 9th - Beverages?
    In the UK, drinking pints in public is legal. In the Carnival, 25k bottles of rum and 70k litres of juice are served.
  11. The 10th - Riots?
    Did you know the 1st Carnival events were arranged as a demonstration of racial unity after a Race Riots broke out in 1958 right in Notting hill. True story!