Super Jetlag from London, 2 days after heading to SF from nyc. Wondering how I will survive a flight like this? Here are some tips that I had before...
  1. Escape into your work
    Being confine to a small desk is a good thing. Treat your airline flight as a way to catch up on work, or reading a book that you couldn't focus on while on the ground.
  2. Request a special meal
    Truth to be told, you get this treatment on international flights than regular flights. Notice how fight attendants gives you 2 options of a meal. If you ask for a menu, you will see more things there, but it will cost ya.
  3. Stay hydrated
    Drink lots of water so you can be hydrated. A little alcohol can help too. If you haven't noticed, not drinking water while in air can make you dehydrated.
  4. Take a walk
    It isn't normal to seat through the whole flight without stretching your muscles, buttocks, and back. Prevent all these cramps and do the cat walk down the aisle.
  5. Break up the time into 2-3 hour blocks and plan out what you'll do (i.e., block 1, read novel, block 2, watch movie, block 3, try to nap)—makes the flight feel shorter even if you don't stick to the plan!
    Suggested by @colleenpagaard