How to understand Friend Zone

Perhaps the most painful four words that someone with whom you want so much more, can say to you. Somewhere during the meandering road of your (probably one-sided) flirting, you took a wrong turn and ended up in the dead-end that is 'the FriendZone'.
  1. When the object of your unrequited romantic attention has banished you to a platonic sandbox, you would be forgiven for thinking there was something hideously wrong with you. But fear not, you're not alone.
  2. Some genius has now come up with a logo so that you can identify your fellow castaway brethren. The logo, which shows one hand shaped like a half-heart and the other as a thumbs up, was posted by user from Reddit. It was viewed more than two million times in less than 15 hours on IMGUR.
  3. Not that logo, this logo
    Look at the fingernail on that thumb, omg! Link:
  4. It could be argued that official recognition of this most miserable of predicaments is long overdue. Remember 'Friends' the TV show? since Joey referred to a lovesick Ross as the "Mayor of Friend Zone" in a 1994 episode of Friends,the term has taken on a life of its own.
  5. There have been numerous memes
  6. What is FriendZone?
  7. And plenty of advice on how to advance out of the zone
  8. I get it, unrequited love sucks, but the friendzone is so steeped in this sense of entitlement and anger.