Lebron vs Steph 🏀similar to Rolando vs Messi⚽️

I love football much better than NBA, but I appreciate NBA for its amicable sport. I have over heard Steph is better than Lebron, Same concept with Rolando vs. Messi. Well here I will discuss the comparison and my opinion
  1. Lebron's cannot be compared to Steph, 2 different ppl and Lebron started earlier than him. Lebron wasn't fortunate like Steph upbringings. Lebron had to train harder and proof himself worthy players. Ronaldo is similar with Lebron, and therefore I admired both player than the nonchalant opponents
  2. NBA MVP
    Season MVP: Stephen Curry 2 LeBron James 4 Finals MVP: Stephen Curry 0 LeBron James 2 All-NBA First Team Stephen Curry 2 LeBron James 10. Say no more...
  3. Ronaldo vs Messi
    These 2 can't be compared, they are completely diff. I will pick Ronaldo rather than Messi and for 1 reason, Ronaldo is a team player.
  4. Lebron & Ronaldo
    These 2 had a lot in common, born poor, trained young, love their sports, gave it all out and became fortunate.
  5. Conclusion
    This list is slanted, and yes I favour Lebron & Ronaldo better than Messi & Steph. Go figure!