I m still learning life to the core, education never stops, politics hasn't change, and All lives matters.
  1. Embrace your early 30s to the fullest.
    You live once, and short, so be HAPPY MORE about getting older...makes you more wiser...more adamant. Age is just a number, your soul might be old, but your mind is young as a pendulum swings.
  2. No one is perfect
    Humans are imperfect, some part of life will fail, disappointing, and an ague surprise. It's normal!
  3. Anxiety will reduce if your learn to let go.
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    Trust, paranoia, betrayal, and worries about the future. Learn to lay back for a change, breathe, take time out, make new friends and learn to say No to others if you don't want to do what it's needed of you.
  4. You aren't missing out!
    Learn to realized things are going to be there for a long time, so you aren't missing out on everything. If you want to stay home, stay and learn to be more creative on yourself. Like cook more, learn new hobbies, and watch your favourite shows. Catch up on things you barely didn't have time for.
  5. Stay away from Social media
    It is distractions, it can be mind poisoning, it be brain tumors. Why care who likes your status? Don't be a victim of A.W (attention whore).
  6. Give her a chance
    She is there for you, so don't push her away. She isn't your exes, neither she will become one. You can feel it in you, she is better, understanding, stubborn Leo sign, but enjoy every seconds of it with her. Cherish the memories together.
  7. Love thy self
    Keep up the good work at the gym, do more cardio, being a meat head isn't good if you can't out run an alligator. Swim alot, travel alot, check the doctor often. Meditate often, eat right and healthy. Talk to yourself, it seems crazy but it actually not. Pamper your needs and wants. Read newest books in the market related to what you can achieve in life.
  8. You've got this!
    Don't make me catch you not doing any I have said...I will travel in time with a Tardis, kick your arse to create another worm hole, and that will not be good. Love you, self.