Olympians big CRUSHES I have😊

I made sure I tuned in my telly to watch every sports in the 2016 Olympics Rio. Here are my ladies I have a crush on...
  1. Katinka Hosszu, a.k.a, the Iron Lady. This Hungarian competitive swimmer is so fast, my jaws won't shut close 😱. Her smile on the other hand, is just beautiful.
  2. Simone Manuel, brings inspiration and dedications. That is an attractions!
  3. Jennifer Abel (canadian)
    Ambitious, and always pushes herself to do better. It is not about her beauty, it is about strengths, and that she became my 3rd on the list of fav.
  4. Amber Hill (British)
    A sport shooter, and she is good at it. She can be mistaken has a model, which i prefer her as an athlete. Good job Amber.