I have always wanted to meet these role models, inspiring people, and motivational.
  1. Muhammad Ali
    He visited Nigeria, how cool is that? Nigeria might has its ups and downs, but in that time period, Nigeria economy was blooming, and life was easy. Sir. Ali not only fought famous opponents, he fought racism, and prejudice. Rip champ!
  2. Prince
    Missed few of his concerts, and was sad when he died before his seem to be last concert. I was looking forward in going with a crew. A true artist who didint sell his soul to the love of profits. RIP sir Prince
  3. Michael Jackson
    This is still the most shocking among all of them, honestly, he was invisible, he was love, he was an activist, the 1st artist to make MTV play black artists in the 70s. He was just the role model I looked up to him. RIP sir MJ
  4. David Bowie
    Still a tragic for me, yet it doesn't feel like he is gone. Maybe "they" came for him. His music was a bloody art, his physical appearance was stylish, fashion, and sexual exploration. RIP sir DB.
  5. Leonard Nimoy
    Mr. Spock from Star Trek, with his Vulcan salute iconic symbol,, "Live long and prosper." One of my childhood fav character. RIP sir Nimoy.
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