Rewatched of Princess Mononoko

1st time I saw one of the most glorious anime, was 1998. I was speechless, frightened and in love. now watching it lastnight was just tears away of my childhood memories resurfaced.
  1. Forest Spirit
    What are you? Had many forms, yet a God in disguise of the forest. A God of life was death, screw that...don't come near me. Drink your water as much as you can.
  2. The great white wolves
    I love wolves, and all films genre that has wolves in it, can't beat this white wolves. These wolves are drawn with grace, and not sentimentalized. When they bare their fangs, obviously they are not friendly, and loyal to devoured all threats.
  3. The Demon Boar
    This artistry is a master piece. I appreciated every details of transformation with the boar. He was the nightmare in my childhood, and now I can feel it's pain alot more than before.
  4. Yakul the most adorable
    Half horse, antelope, and goat. Can we start mutating such creature, best transport ever. I will trade my cat anytime for him.
  5. Kodama
    I was afraid of these little buggar. Now they seem annoying spirit I don't want around me.
  6. Okkoto
    Vicious and awesome, fought a good fight and died proudly by the Forrest God.
  7. Princess Mononoko
    Best character than Tarzan, jungle boy and all the males story out there, probably made by Disney. This chick is feisty, wicked, and a bloody wolf (no transformation). If Jacob from twilight tries to get her, she will win without lifting a finger.
  8. Ashitaka
    Protagonist cursed upon his righ arm by a voodoo boar, probably hurts when he jacks off. Such strength can decapitates an enemy. You don't want shake his scarred arm, sullied.
  9. Lady Eboshi Gozen
    This antagonist can be related to Donald Trump, George Bush, David Cameron and all the twats politicians out there that thinks taking another land is theirs only. She got what she deserved, amputation. Who's sexy now?
  10. Jigo
    One word, Judas!
  11. The rest of the characters are just not that important.