Sundays I love so much...

best lazy day of a sanctuary
  1. Come on, who isn't lazy like Al bundy from "Married with children?" We work 6 days a week, and the 7th should be just you, a slice of pizza and a pint.
  2. Laundry chore.
    I m one of those people out there who probably don't do laundry in a month, and it piles up till you end up going to work half naked. So get your arse to the nearest mat, and drop off so the cleaners do it for you...if you are really that lazy.
  3. BBQ on the menu...
  4. We all love BBQ, well most of us...I found BBQ on a sunday refreshing, and therapeutical.
  5. Game Of Throne
  6. The best of my Sunday is this lovely great show. It just puts some meaning on why Sunday isn't boring anymore.