Things you should know about Lists ➕

Once a beginner is always a beginner
  1. That's not a phrase anymore, most beginner like myself seem to be stuck in a loop and can't seem to find a way out to advance level. Here are things I noticed about list
  2. If you don't post everyday or weekly, you are screwed!
  3. If your post isn't catchy with the right ingredients, you are utterly SCREWED
  4. If you aren't following anybody or re-listing, you are just not doing it are profoundly screwed
  5. If you don't log in the app, at all...don't expect a quick resuscitation, because you are just a zombie with pretty eyes 👀
  6. If you don't have a List celebrity (someone with followers of 500 and more) which they can actually follow you back, just do yourself a favour, delete List app, you are just fine not wasting time.