Everyone is talking about it, a must watch show. I did just that and I have never been so annoyed by a tedious show. The few first episodes had revealed many revelations that I wasn't looking forward for the next story. Here are things that just reeks my gears.
  1. Delores is the most boring character in the story of all layers of stories. I tried to grow with her, delving deeper in her world, but it's just not satisfying and pleasing.
  2. [Characters development] William and Dolores are moving too slowly.... nearly every episode, they go to one place, Dolores says some usual stuff about her dreams, the world calling to her etc and that's it until next time...what?
  3. After Maeve slit Sylvester's throat you'd think Felix would finally run to management and tell them everything, seeing as he's so morally conflicted all the time. But I don't think that'll happen either.... it gets more and more ridiculous
  4. Maeve's personality is getting tiring to watch imo.... we get it, she's a badass. What bothers me is the sheer repetition. I feel like every scene with her and the technicians is a rerun of the last. "I need to get out of here and you're going to help me." "It's not that simple!" "Make it simple."
  5. Simplicity not convey to the next season?
    The finale, I actually think I'm a little disappointed in it. The entire season seemed to be very complex and the finale seemed a bit simple and predictable. Like...okay we are just recreating the initial massacre from 35 years ago - adding a tip of the hat to the movie by making the humans (guests) victims. Wyatt killing all the hosts, then killing Arnold. I guess I expected more of a "cliffhanger". Leave us trying to figure something out until next series but a sequel not pinned down.
  6. This are my opinion and I would like to hear more from you guys. Happy new year!