Donald Trump won, I won $2000 bet and got the money via Venmo. I won because I knew he would win due to the racist Americans who still believed they only own this country. I knew Trump would win because there is a circle of Democrats 1st then Republicans after. I knew he would win because the system is rigged. I knew he would win because...
  1. Nigel Farage knew it too and they both are twats
  2. so I spent the whole day, to eased my American friends who were also there when the Brexit happened to affect me too.
  3. I told each one of them, "Keep calm, be positive, don't give up. There is always a light in the dark tunnel. After all, it's 4 years but people will wake up then, and percentage of voters will go up."
  4. Am I being pessimistic?
    no no no, I m just trying to say, he won, she lost, learn to move forward. The table is turned, imaging how they felt when Obama won? Now they get the last laugh.
  5. Has this system always being this devastating?
    It seem like 'you loose,' and 'I win' system and everyone seem caught up in it. Have anyone try looking at other parties, especially the Green Tea Party?
  6. Social Media?
    Don't delete friends for choosing Trump, don't be hostile and don't let politics dictates your life in general. Passive aggressive is what they want, don't feed into it.
  7. Pints?
    Grab few beers, and drink till it's numb a bit. Don't drive home drunk, please be responsible.
  8. Moving Out?
    Running to Canada? or Mexico? or Sweden? I have friends who will help you in these region.
  9. The end!
    Don't feed into the negativity, and please be positive about the out turn event.