I recently became a ln advance beginner in swimming, and diving into a 32 ft off a cliff in Boracay, Phillipines. Then I had a flash back of my swimming lessons, also thoughts of other scenarios thag give me anxiety...
  1. Saving a drowning person. It looks relatively easy in the movies and people tend to think that as long as you're a good swimmer and can swim with one arm or just your legs, it's not that difficult. But there's a major factor that they don't show in the movies: The victim will not be cooperative but rather, will actively try to drawn you.
    (cont'd) They're panicked and their one and only instinct is to go up for air, which means pushing you down. So if you get in reach of their frailing arms and they grab you, expect to be pushed down and they'll use all their power to push you down at that point: The power of a panicked person can be scary. So even if you can swim, it's generally a bad idea to go after the victim especially without a flotation device because you could easily become the second victim.
  2. anybody wants to add more to life?