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I've had Type One Diabetes since I was two and a half. This is a list of random thoughts about that. If I was more responsible, I probably wouldn't run into half of these problems.
  1. People who don't have diabetes aren't used to bouts of high and low blood sugar.
    Its possible for you to have low blood sugar after excessive exercise or high blood sugar after having lots of sugar. However, most people don't know what it's like to have bouts of high or low blood sugar that can last for hours, sometimes days.
  2. They also don't know what it's like to always need to have things on hand.
    Insulin, a glucometer and all of its parts, an insulin pump site or needles - it's a lot of stuff to keep track of and most of the time i feel like a walking pharmacy.
  3. I get a lot of filthy looks when I wear crop tops.
    A lot of people don't know what my site is, and I think seeing it makes them uncomfortable. But it's tiny and there's really no reason I shouldn't be allowed to wear something just because of my diabetes. Here's me looking cute as shit.
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It was yesterday. Wowee.
  1. Had an excellent shower.
    Showers are always nice, but this one seemed especially lovely.
  2. Went out for breakfast with Mom, and eventually Noah!
    Mom and I were originally going to go alone, but as we were on the bus there Noah called me because he was leaving work early.
  3. Was gifted pretty new septum jewelry!
    Mom and I have a tradition of going shopping for new septum jewelry on my birthday for my present. This year, she bought me a really nest septum clicker where you can switch out the stone to basically anything - right now it's purple Opal! I wish I had a nice picture of it.
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as requested by @100catsorbust, here is my best shot at a favourite product list! i'll probably add more as i remember.
  1. Lord of Misrule
    This goes for any product with this scent, but there's something particularly magical about the bath bomb! everyone at work knows me for being a Lord of Misrule freak. #noshame
  2. Calacas Shower Gel
    I'm usually not a fan of citrus, but I love how juicy and sweet this shower gel is! You get a lot of tartness from the lime and it smells like green Jello.
  3. The Comforter body scrub
    This product is only available in the Lush Spa gift set and in The Comforter spa treatment at the actual Lush Spa itself! This is hands down the best scrub Lush has ever released and it's perfect for a night when you want to pamper yourself. Your skin is so incredibly soft afterwards.
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  1. Noah brought me weed and coffee in bed.
    Breakfast is overrated.
  2. We went to a playground!
  3. We adventured in Home Depot
    I make good blinds, btw.
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It's hard for me to think of words to describe myself, let alone try to guess how other people would describe me!
  1. Energetic
    I'm bubbly and loud and like being a goof ball, because life is too short to be a grumpy jerk.
  2. Caring
    I love everyone!! So much! I'm a pretty decent shoulder to lean on
  3. Ginger
    Well... yeah.
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  1. Antonio the cat!
    Also widely known as Fang. He used to be terrible, but out of nowhere he's extremely aloof and scared.
  2. My dinner!
    Potatoes, asparagus, roast beef, and chipotle lime soy strips.
  3. Artsy shot!
    Instagram approved!
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I really like the idea of suggested lists and this one is cute!
  1. Gravy Restaurant
    When I made my very first list, it was originally going to have pictures, but a glitch on my phone wouldn't allow it. Now it does! Hooray!
  2. This Misogynistic Meme Page
    "Freaky The Scary Snowman". Someone on my Facebook seriously shared this. Why is he so mad?
  3. Steve R?
    I'm the admin/creator of an all girls stoner page on Facebook and someone tried to add this weird old dude. I mean, I'm sure he's a lovely person, but this place is not for you, pal.
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So I am making a list of anything and everything that's on my mind to distract myself.
  1. Today is lush live and that is an exciting thing!
    I'm on my favourite social channel for it and am looking forward to interacting with our fans.
  2. Noah's home town is on fire.
    I feel absolutely useless for not being able to do anything that makes a big enough difference to cheer him up. I know nothing I can do will help the situation but I feel like fucking trash.
  3. I'm starting to feel like no one really likes me all that much
    Yeah, I dunno.
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  1. A god damn babe
  2. Skeletor