All time favourite Lush products....and why

as requested by @100catsorbust, here is my best shot at a favourite product list! i'll probably add more as i remember.
  1. Lord of Misrule
    This goes for any product with this scent, but there's something particularly magical about the bath bomb! everyone at work knows me for being a Lord of Misrule freak. #noshame
  2. Calacas Shower Gel
    I'm usually not a fan of citrus, but I love how juicy and sweet this shower gel is! You get a lot of tartness from the lime and it smells like green Jello.
  3. The Comforter body scrub
    This product is only available in the Lush Spa gift set and in The Comforter spa treatment at the actual Lush Spa itself! This is hands down the best scrub Lush has ever released and it's perfect for a night when you want to pamper yourself. Your skin is so incredibly soft afterwards.
  4. All Good Things perfume
    "A sweet, boozy stumble down a basement staircase will leave you in a blissed out cloud of candyfloss and black pepper." How can you not love that description? 😍
  5. Sweet Lips Lip Scrub
    Why did we discontinue this? It's so tasty and softening. Boo.
  6. Vanishing Cream facial moisturizer
    This lightweight lotion has no cocoa butter so it absorbs in quickly, and i've found its one of our more delicate creams!
  7. Geo Phyzz bath bomb
    Okay, so I think we discontinued this one because it was too pure for this world and no one deserved it's beauty. It has a beautiful piney scent and shitloads of salt to help sore muscles.
  8. Full of Grace solid serum
    I actually love this for hydrating tattoos and putting under masks! It's lovely.