Fun things I did on my birthday!

It was yesterday. Wowee.
  1. Had an excellent shower.
    Showers are always nice, but this one seemed especially lovely.
  2. Went out for breakfast with Mom, and eventually Noah!
    Mom and I were originally going to go alone, but as we were on the bus there Noah called me because he was leaving work early.
  3. Was gifted pretty new septum jewelry!
    Mom and I have a tradition of going shopping for new septum jewelry on my birthday for my present. This year, she bought me a really nest septum clicker where you can switch out the stone to basically anything - right now it's purple Opal! I wish I had a nice picture of it.
  4. Went to the Amsterdam Cafe with mom and Noah.
    Who doesn't love getting stoned with two of your faves?
  5. Swung by my new dispensary for some weed
    They even gave me a free birthday joint!! :D
  6. Went out for dinner with Noah at the EXP Bar
    It's a video game themed bar and restaurant downtown. Their deep fried pickles are unreal.
  7. Grabbed doughnuts from Cartems
    Also pictured here is my present from Noah - he got two controllers for my N64 and Super Mario 64, because all of that was lost at my grandma's and we spent the evening drinking and playing Mario.