I'm going to Portland for the first time this summer and I am so freaking excited.
  1. The train ride there!
    Because who doesn't love trains rides and waking up obscenely early?
  2. The adorable place we're staying!
    It has a claw foot tub, a fire pit, and you're allowed to smoke weed outside.
  3. Marijuana is totes legal
    This is something that I keep forgetting! It's going to be SO DANG NICE to not be an anxious wreck the whole time i'm there.
  4. Paxton Gate
    There's a super neat store I've been following on instagram for a few years called Paxton Gate. Not only are they in Portland, they're a five minute walk from our place!! Gonna buy so many cute dead things.
  5. Gravy
    Also within a 5 minute walking distance is a breakfast place called Gravy. As someone who hates eggs, it's hard to find somewhere that offers a variety of egg free breakfast foods, and this place has so many - including breakfast bowls with hashbrowns!! YES
  6. Streetlight Manifesto
    Aka, the entire reason I'm going down there in the first place. When I saw them last year, the sax player said I was what made the show. Do you know how surreal it is having a member of your favourite band say this to you? BAH
  7. Tasty foods
    Including doughnut places, but probably not the one you're thinking of.
  8. BEER
  9. Adventuring
    Noah and I have never been to Portland and this is happening the same month as we move out, so it's going to be a pretty crazy time.